Motorplex Mania

Motorplex Mania




Race your L0206 Briggs with us for a fast pace race night, or race in our rental karts in an even playing field. Enjoy an "Old School" race format that provides great racing all in one night. 


Rental Kart: Driver weight a minimum of 205# with no more than 40# added to the seat.

Qualifying will be split into two groups, A/B. Groups for qualifying will be random. Group A will qualify a Green, White, Checkered. After completion, Group B will qualify for their Green, White, Checkered.

Both groups will be mergerd, and groups for heats will be determined. Heat 1 will feature all Odd qualifying postions. For example if you qualified, 1, 3, 5, 7, 9... you will be in heat one. Heat 2 will feature all Even qualifying postions. For example if you qualified 2, 4, 6, 8, 10... you will be in heat two.

Just to clarify, if you qualify 2nd overall, you will be starting on the pole for your heat. If you qualify 4th overall, you will be starting outside pole, and so on.. 

After the completion of both heats, drivers who finish within the Top 7, will directly move on to the A main, (the main event). Drivers placing 8th-17th in their heat, will be completing in a last chance effort to make it to the A main. 20 karts will start the B main, and only the top 6 racers will transfer to the tail of the A main. If you place 18th-20th in your heat, then you will be out of the competition, better luck next race!

After the B main is over and the top 6 racers are confirmed, they will get to start in the last 6 starting spots of the A main grid. 

The A main will feature a 10 lap shoot out, winner takes all! The final winner will walk away with a $100 gift card and a free entry to the April Motorplex Mania event. 

(Weight is available for Kart Rentals at the track for ballast)

 LO206 Heavy: Driver weight a minimum of 390#

This race will feature a Green, White, Checkered qualifying format, an 8 lap pre-final and a 15 lap main event. 

The final winner will walk away with a $100 gift card and a free entry to the April Motorplex Mania event. 



Rental Karts Group A 

(Green, White, Checkered)

6:00 PM

Rental Karts Group B

(Green, White, Checkered)

6:10 PM

Briggs Heavy Qualifying

(Green, White, Checkered)

6:20 PM

Rental Kart Heat 1 (Odds)

8 Laps

6:40 PM

Rental Kart Heat 2 (Evens)

8 Laps

7:00 PM

Briggs Heavy Pre-Final

8 Laps

7:20 PM

Rental Kart B Main (Top 6 finishers advance to A Main)

8 Laps

7:55 PM

Rental Kart A Main, Final

10 Laps

8:15 PM

Briggs Heavy FInal

15 Laps

8:40 PM


Registration Fee:

$75 for Briggs Heavy before March 2nd.

$95 for Rental Kart Light before March 2nd.

$85 for Briggs Heavy after March 2nd.

$105 for Rental Kart after March 2nd.



Starting new in 2020, we will no longer accept call-ahead waitlist requests. The waitlist will open one hour prior to the scheduled drivers meeting time. The participant wanting to join the waitlist must be present; another racer or friend cannot put your name on the list. 

For the pre-registered drivers; if you are not checked in* by the scheduled drivers meeting start time, you will forfeit your spot completely and not be able to race in that event. You will receive a refund only if your spot was managed to be filled by someone on the waitlist. If you do not show up, or call ahead of time and we are unable to fill your spot, no refund will be issued. Prior arrangements are accepted; for example if you are pre-registered and know that you cannot attend, call ahead and let a staff member know. A 24 hour window of notification would be appreciated. There will be no transfer of credit to future races.

*Checked in- Meaning you have been to the lobby, checked in with a staff member, and received your wristband.