TEAM RENTAL League powered by sunoco race fuels


Event details

Do you crave competition, the adrenaline rush of the drop of the green flag and the excitement of a victory? Then our Team Rental League Powered by Sunoco Race Fuels may just be what you’re looking for as the perfect mid-week outlet for serious racing that’s just for fun. 20 teams will be allowed to enter Team Rental League – teams do not have a limit on how many drivers can participate. 



$240 per team per round and any open spots will be $250 when purchased in the lobby. Or all three rounds can be purchased at $600.


Round 1: March 30th   
Round 2: April 6th   
Round 3: April 13th

Round 1: June 8th   
Round 2: June 22nd   
Round 3: June 29th

*Note to all paid entries: NO refunds, NO driver changes. NO waitlist. 

Rain out policy: Any cancellation of an entire night will be made up at a time to be determined. If we are unable to reschedule a round due to conflicts, we will refund competitors that round entry fees.


6:00 pm - Drivers Meeting (Mandatory)

6:15 pm – 45-minute qualifying 

7:15 pm – 75-minute race


Qualifying: 45-minute open track practice/qualifying. Team must report to scales to verify weight after lap aimed at qualifying to lock in their time. Random kart assignments will be handed out at the beginning of the event. 

75-Minute Enduro: 4 controlled stops (spin the wheel for kart assignment). Top 5 will be weighed. Mandatory pit stops – if you pass during the yellow flag, you will be put to the tail end.


  • Each driver must reach 200 pounds on the scale - gear included and ballast if necessary.


  • The driver’s meeting is mandatory and will start at 6:00pm sharp. Pit lane speed is ‘walking’ speed. You have 5 minutes to get buckled in your kart between races. 
  • Ballast: GoPro Motorplex lead sheets must be in the driver's seat only. Additional weight must be secured to the driver only. Please refrain from using more than 40 lbs. of GPMX lead sheets. 
  • The spirit and intent of sportsmanlike driving is to compete without touching or endangering the vehicles of fellow drivers. Inadvertent contact is a reality of racing. Maneuvers such as more than one direction change to defend a position (blocking), intentional crowding of karts beyond the racing edge of the track or any other dangerous change of direction is considered unsafe. 
  • Starts: Initial start will be single file, nose to tail entering turn 1. Restarts will be grid release at 2 second intervals.   
  • Unsportsmanlike or unsafe driving will result in a penalty. All penalties will be either a black flag stop and go or a final position change.
  • Concrete run-off is not considered part of the racing surface. Hitting barriers on the concrete may result in a black flag stop and a penalty.
  • If you have an open black flag directed at you, you must come into pit lane for a stop and go penalty. You have 2 laps to adhere to the black flag. If you don’t adhere within 2 laps you will be removed from the entirety of the remaining night’s event.
  • If you see a red flag, you must come to a safe, controlled stop wherever you are on track and wait for further instruction from track staff. 
  • If you see a blue flag with yellow stripe (passing flag), that is to warn you that faster karts are approaching and to give them the space they need to continue. 
  • No passing in parts of the track with local yellows.
  • Top five finishers along with a random driver in all races will weigh in at end of the session. 
  • Bad behavior and/or foul language will not be tolerated, and any person involved will be asked to leave the premises.


*While GoPro Motorplex strives to provide the best karting experience for our customers, mechanical issues may arise from time to time. GoPro Motorplex will make every effort to get racers back on track as soon as possible (in most cases the next available session).  


Team Rental League Points .png




We no longer accept call-ahead wait list requests. The wait list will open one hour prior to the scheduled drivers meeting time. The participant wanting to join the wait list must be present; another racer or friend cannot put your name on the list. 

For the pre-registered drivers, if you are not checked in by the scheduled drivers meeting start time, you will forfeit your spot completely and not be able to race in that event. You will receive a refund only if your spot was managed to be filled by someone on the waitlist. If you do not show up or call ahead of time and we are unable to fill your spot, no refund will be issued. Prior arrangements are accepted; for example, if you are pre-registered and know that you cannot attend, call ahead, and let a staff member know. A 24-hour window of notification would be appreciated. There will be no transfer of credit to future races.