2018 ProSkill Championship

2019 gopro motorplex Proskill championship
FEB. 1, 2019-Dec. 31, 2019


2019 proskill championship

Already a Pro? Then it’s time to be a champion, too! With our all-new GoPro Motorplex ProSkill Championship, we are rewarding rental racers who are at the top of our ProSkill charts with HUGE prizes and, of course, the coveted title of GoPro Motorplex ProSkill Champion.


how it works.
We want your ProSkill score to mean something more than just a number. Beginning in 2019, your ProSkill will mean the chance to chase a championship! Each year, GoPro Motorplex will hit the reset button; clearing ALL racers’ ProSkill scores back to 1,200 points. This is a process done by nearly every kart track across the world to even the playing field and keep ProSkill scores competitive and attainable.

In 2019, the reset will happen on Feb. 1 and the championship will run through Dec. 31, 2019. Throughout the year, racers will either increase or decrease their ProSkill scores during each race like normal. (For a full explanation on how ProSkill scores are calculated, read “ProSkill Explained” below.)

who wins.

We want every racer to value their ProSkill score and even if you aren’t on the top of the ProSkill board, we want you to work hard at achieving your personal goals and becoming a better karter. Your ProSkill score is a great way to track your progress as a racer throughout the year.

However, on Dec. 31 each year, the chase for the GoPro Motorplex ProSkill Championship concludes and HUGE prize packages will be awarded as follows:

  • The racer with the highest ProSkill will be awarded a trophy and the title of 2019 GoPro Motorplex ProSkill Champion. The champion will also receive a GoPro camera, GoPro Motorplex hat and t-shirt and $100 Gift Card.
  • The racers with the Top-10 ProSkill scores will be awarded a $100 GoPro Motorplex Gift Card and a GoPro Motorplex hat and t-shirt.
  • In addition, the Top-40 ProSkill scores will be invited to a private event at GoPro Motorplex with tons of complimentary racing! Details coming soon!

*GoPro Motorplex employees are ineligible to participate.

Have fun this year and good luck!


proskill explained.

What is my ProSkill score?

Essentially, your ProSkill score is a “ranking” measurement of your driving ability and the points system that we use to rank each racer in our system. Points systems are used in many forms of racing to determine the ranking of the drivers throughout the race season — NASCAR, Formula One, IndyCar, and many others all use various types of points systems to determine their champions. GoPro Motorplex is no different!

How is ProSkill scored?
Our racing ‘season’ begins on Feb. 1 and ends on December 31. This is when we reset each racer's ProSkill. All racers begin the racing year with 1,200 ProSkill points. In addition, any new racers will begin with 1,200 ProSkill points when their Racer Profile is first created.

As you race, you accumulate points based on finishing results, according to your fastest lap time. ProSkill is a weighted system, meaning each time you race, you are scored against the racer with the best lap time. The number of points you win or lose is based on the ProSkill score of the other drivers in your race.

Tips to improve your ProSkill Score:

  • One of the easiest ways to increase your ProSkill score is by racing more often. This is because each racer receives 5 points just for participating in a race. 
  • To really increase your ProSkill score, you must beat other racers that have a high ProSkill score. For example, if I have a very high ProSkill and you had a low ProSkill, I would be expected to be able to beat you in a race. If I beat you, I would be awarded a small number of your ProSkill points. However, if you pull off an upset and beat me, you might be awarded 100 or more of my much larger number of ProSkill points. 

To learn more about ProSkill and Tips to Improve:
Proskill explained


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