6-Hour Enduro - recap & Results
July 18, 2015


Teams SRI/RLI, Castrol Racing and Custom Air Inc. Victorious in 6-Hour Enduro

With temperatures rising into the 90s today, a total 12 teams of diehard rental karters (6 Pro-Am Light Division teams, 5 Pro-Am Heavy and 1 Novice) competed against each other for 321 non-stop laps while fending off heat and exhaustion in a timed 6-Hour endurance race.

Team SRI/RLI (Pro-Am Light), Team Castrol Racing (Pro-Am Heavy) and Team Custom Air Inc.(Novice) were all victorious in the 6-Hour Enduro in their respective divisions.

Le Mans Style Start:
A 45-minute qualifying session set the grid with Team 2 Fast 2 Furious (L) as the overall pole sitter with a quick lap of 62.808 seconds. Traditional for our endurance karting events, the race started with a Le Mans style start in which competitors must run across the track on foot and jump into their karts with assistance from a teammate to buckle the seatbelt before accelerating.

1-Hour Mark:
One hour into the race, Team Castrol Racing (H) led overall, followed by Team SRI/RLI (L). Right off the bat, Team SRI/RLI had a unique strategy with a first-lap kart swap and driver change. Although, this put them a lap down almost instantly, they got one of their mandatory 10 pit stops completed early. Other teams chose to log laps with their starting driver, eventually giving the early lead to pole sitter, Team 2 Fast 2 Furious.
Leaderboard: Pro-Am Light Top-3: Team SRI/RLI, Miata Mike & Friends, Autobahn Maryland.
Pro-Am Heavy: Team Castrol Racing, Fourth Place Friend Zoned, Memphis Mafia (and a canuck)
Novice: Team Custom Air Inc.

3-Hour Mark, Halfway:
The clock struck three hours just as teams completed their 157th lap. The intensity on track slowed as business picked up in pit lane with teams trying to complete their mandatory stops. Team SRI/RLI (L) and Team Castrol Racing (H) continued to dominate even through the tricky pit stop process in which many drivers/teams typically suffer penalties. However, rain clouds loomed in the distance, threatening to spice up the competition with an added wet track twist.
Pro-Am Light Top-3: Team SRI/RLI, 2 Fast 2 Furious, Miata Mike & Friends.
Pro-Am Heavy: Castrol Racing, Regulators, Memphis Mafia & a canuck.
Novice: Team Custom Air Inc.

6-Hour Mark/Checkered Flag:
Although many teams settled into a rhythm for the last hour, it certainly didn’t lack competitive, hard racing for position as teams’ patience and energy dwindled. However, the last 45 minutes of all enduro races become interesting as final pit stops begin to shake out. Each team can instantly see if their strategy was a success or a failure within the closing hour. It appeared that Team SRI/RLI would walk away with the win, but a costly mistake in pit road caused them a pass-through penalty, allowing Team 2 Fast 2 Furious to close the gap that Team SRI/RLI worked tediously to gain throughout the race. After 6-Hours of hard racing, the top-two teams finished just 3.723 seconds apart.

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-Endurance rental karting will be back in action for our longest and last race of the season, the 9-Hour Enduro on Saturday, Nov. 14, 2015. Details, Registration>>


6-Hour Enduro Results