Teams Misfitz, Marauder and Individual Entry Victorious in Inaugural 12-Hour Enduro, April 30

GoPro Motorplex history was made today as 14 teams took the green flag for our longest race to date, the 12-Hour Enduro. Four Pro-Am Light division, five Pro-Am Heavy and five Novice teams of diehard rental racers were up well before the sun for an early start time of 7:30 a.m. Teams raced throughout the day under overcast skies and a light mist of rain, but the 70 degree temperatures were ideal as they competed against each other for 456 miles and 652 non-stop laps.

The Misfitz (Pro-Am Light), Marauder (Pro-Am Heavy) and Individual Entry (Novice) were all victorious in the 12-Hour Enduro in their respective divisions.

Le Mans Style Start:
Friday’s shootout, five-minute qualifying session set the grid with Team The Misfitz (Pro-Am Light) as the overall pole sitter with a lightning fast lap of 62.9 seconds. Traditional for our endurance karting events, the race started with a Le Mans style start in which competitors must run across the track on foot and jump into their karts with assistance from a teammate to buckle the seatbelt before accelerating. It was no surprise that Light Division team, The Misfitz, jumped out to the early lead with driver, Zachary Schucker at the wheel as a light sprinkle of rain fell on the track.

1-Hour Mark:
One hour into the race seemed to be the pitting point for many teams. Several teams began to cycle in for a driver change and give their starting driver a rest. However, leading team, The Misfitz (L), continued to stay out and keep their lead until pitting at 1.5 hours. They had gained such a gap, they only fell to third overall and didn’t even lose a lap after pitting. Pro-Am Heavy Division team, Marauder, took over the lead as the clock moved toward the two-hour mark.
Leaderboard: Pro-Am Light Top-3: The Misfitz, Allsports GP, Tortiose Racing
Pro-Am Heavy: Castrol Racing, Marauder, Memphis Mafia
Novice: Colman Taylor Motorsports, Individual Entry, Braking Bad

3-Hour Mark:
When the three-hour mark hit, the track had been consistently getting damper with the constant light rain drizzle. The slick track conditions caused lap times to drastically fall off with many drivers struggling to stay on course. Despite the treacherous track conditions, there was still very close pack racing between six teams even three hours into the race. However, continuing to dominate overall was Team Misfitz (Pro-Am Light).
Leaderboard: Pro-Am Light Top-3: The Misfitz, Tortiose Racing, 5 Monkeys & eh Moose
Pro-Am Heavy: Castrol Racing, LeMans Karting Greenville, Marauder
Novice: Individual Entry, Braking Bad, Pedro's Apex Eaters

6-Hour Mark, Halfway:
Track conditions improved to completely dry as teams celebrated the halfway point; six hours down, six to go. Team The Misfitz was on cruise control with a nearly two-lap advantage on the field. Teams enjoyed lunch while their drivers logged laps on track. The racing action calmed on track and was more spread out than it had been all day with very little pack racing. Logging smooth laps seemed to be the best stretgy.
Pro-Am Light Top-3: The Misfitz, Tortiose Racing, 5 Monkeys and eh Moose
Pro-Am Heavy: Castrol Racing, Marauder, LeMans Karting Greenville
Novice: Individual Entry, Braking Bad, Pedro’s Apex Eaters

9-Hour Mark:
Although many teams settled into a rhythm for the last few hours, the race certainly didn’t lack competitive, hard racing for position as teams’ patience and energy dwindled. Further adding to the strategy and mind games was the looming chance of heavy a thunderstorm that could halt the racing action and potentially cut the race short. 
Leaderboard: Pro-Am Light Top-3: The Misfitz, Tortiose Racing, 5 Monkeys and eh Moose
Pro-Am Heavy: Marauder, Castrol Racing, LeMans Karting Greenville
Novice: Individual Entry, Braking Bad, Pedro's Apex Eater

12-Hour Mark/Checkered Flag:
The last 45 minutes of all enduro races become interesting as final pit stops begin to shake out. Each team can instantly see if their strategy was a success or a failure within the closing hour. Business picked up on and off the track as drivers fought exhaustion and raced against the clock with minutes dwindling quickly. Pack racing returned with teams fighting for track position no matter what division was racing beside them. Completing 652 laps, Team The Misfitz (Pro-Am Light) proved their continued dominance throughout the entire race to take the victory overall with nearly a four-lap margin of victory on the field. In the Pro-Am Heavy Division, Team Marauder rose to the top in the last three hours of the race to capture the win. In the Novice Division, the team of individual entries who had never met before today took home a well-deserved victory.  

Congrats to all teams for finishing the 12-Hour Enduro; just finishing the race is a huge feat in and of itself!

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Our next 12-Hour Rental Kart team endurance race is set for September 16-17, 2016. It’s never too early to start forming your team. Pre-Registration is already available on For more information on the September 12-Hour, CLICK HERE>>