Teams Misfitz, GPNYnots? and Team MTR Victorious in 12-Hour Enduro, April 28

We held the fifth running of our GoPro Motorplex 12-Hour Enduro today with a sold out field of 21 teams entered across three weight divisions. A diverse field of twelve Pro-Am 175 division teams, three Pro-Am 200 and six Novice 210 teams of diehard rental racers were up well before the sun for an early start time of 7:30 a.m. Teams began the race on a cold, slick track, but as the day progressed, the sun came out and temperatures raised into the high-70’s.

After 461 miles and 659 non-stop laps, Misfitz (Pro-Am 175), GPNYnots? (Pro-Am 200) and Team MTR (Novice 210) were all victorious in the 12-Hour Enduro in their respective divisions. 

Le Mans Style Start:
Friday’s shootout, 10-minute qualifying session set the grid with Team Misfitz (Pro-Am 175) as the overall pole sitter with a fast lap of 63.881 seconds. Traditional for our endurance karting events, the race started early Saturday morning with a Le Mans style start in which competitors must run across the track on foot, jump into their karts and buckle their seatbelt before accelerating. Team Tortoise got a clean start and took advantage of other teams’ misfortune in a Turn One pile-up on lap one to control the lead for the opening laps.

1-Hour Mark:
Team Tortoise continued to lead for the first twelve laps before being overtaken by Team Bean who was still in control of the lead by the 1-Hour mark. Team Bean worked hard to put up a nearly 20-second buffer between themselves and second place of Team Tortoise. At the 1.5 Hour mark, both of the front-running teams had yet to make any of their 15 mandatory kart swaps, pushing the recommended 1 hour and 45 minute fuel window.
Pro-Am 175 Top-3: Team Bean, Tortoise, Millennials from NY
Pro-Am 200: HMD Racing, Braking Bad, GPNYnots?
Novice 210: Team MTR, Dive Bombers, Slow Nation

3-Hour Mark:
By the time the three-hour mark hit, track conditions had changed dramatically with clear sunny skies. Both Team Bean and Tortoise eventually pitted from the lead to make their first kart and driver swaps of the day. However, it was Team Bean who was able to pit and still have an impressive 18.5 second lead. As teams continued to log laps through the first quarter of the race, pit stops once again altered the leaderboard. When the noon hour neared, teams enjoyed a complimentary lunch as they reenergized for the second quarter of the race.
Pro-Am 175 Top-3: Tortoise, Team Bean, Misfitz
Pro-Am 200: HMD Racing, Braking Bad, GPNYnots?
Novice 210: Dive Bombers, Team MTR, Slow Nation

6-Hour Mark, Halfway:
At the halfway point, the racing action seemed to cool down as the temperatures heated up to nearly 80 degrees. Entering the second half of the race, different teams’ strategies began to show. Team Tortoise continued to be poised for the win, controlling the lead by over a lap. However, with six more hours to log and mistakes bound to happen as the pressure ramps up, it was still any team’s race to win.

Pro-Am 175 Top-3: Tortoise, Misfitz, Team Bean
Pro-Am 200: GPNYnots?, Braking Bad, HMD Racing
Novice 210: Team MTR, Slow Nation, Dive Bombers

9-Hour Mark:
Although many teams settled into a rhythm for the last few hours, the race certainly didn’t lack competitive, hard racing for position as teams’ patience and energy dwindled. Even with just three hours remaining, it was tough to tell which team’s strategy would rise to the top with the majority of teams still needing to make at least five of the mandatory kart swaps. Tortoise continued to lead the field overall by over two laps. However, Tortoise had made the least amount of stops of any other team as well.
Pro-Am 175 Top-3: Tortoise, Misfitz, Eastmead & Levine
Pro-Am 200: GPNYnots?, HMD Racing, Braking Bad
Novice 210: Team MTR, Slow Nation, Dive Bombers

12-Hour Mark/Checkered Flag:
The last hour of all Enduro races becomes interesting as final pit stops begin to shake out. Each team can instantly see if their strategy was a success or a failure within the closing hour and sometimes minutes. Business picked up on track and in pit lane as drivers fought exhaustion and strategy calls. After 12 hours, it never fails that the race comes down to a nail-biting finish. With just 15 minutes left, Team Misfitz led by just 45 seconds over second place of Team Tortoise. Team Tortoise completed their final stop with less than 15 minutes left in the race and struggled slightly with the seatbelt. This allowed Team Misfitz to solidify their victory, winning by just 52.5 seconds after beginning the race twelve hours ago from the pole. An impressive feat.
Congrats to all teams who entered our 12-Hour Enduro, many of whom traveled from across the country to compete. Simply just finishing the 12-Hour Enduro race in its entirety is a huge achievement.

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