Teams LeMans Karting Fremont, Batman and Freakin Awesome Race Team Victorious in 12-Hour Enduro, Sept. 17

We held the second running of our GoPro Motorplex 12-Hour Enduro today with a SOLD OUT field of 25 teams entered in three different weight divisions. A total of nine Pro-Am 175 division teams, ten Pro-Am 200 and six Novice 210 teams of diehard rental racers were up well before the sun for an early start time of 8:00 a.m. Teams began the race in cool temperatures and on a cold track with overcast skies, but as the day progressed the sun shinned and temperatures raised into the 80’s.  

After 475 miles and 678 non-stop laps, Team LeMans Karting Fremont (Pro-Am Light), Batman (Pro-Am Heavy) and Freakin Awesome Race Team (Novice) were all victorious in the 12-Hour Enduro in their respective divisions.

Le Mans Style Start:
Friday’s shootout, five-minute qualifying session set the grid with Team Tortoise Racing (Pro-Am 175) as the overall pole sitter with a lightning fast lap of 61.3 seconds. Traditional for our endurance karting events, the race started with a Le Mans style start in which competitors must run across the track on foot and jump into their karts with assistance from a teammate to buckle the seatbelt before accelerating. Pro-Am 175 division team, Coast Busters, jumped out to the early lead, but with just a half-second lead over second place team, LeMans Karting Fremont.

1-Hour Mark:
One hour into the race seemed to be the pitting point for many teams. Several teams began to cycle in for a driver change and give their starting driver a rest. Team Misfitz (Pro-Am 175) was able to take over the lead overall by staying out and not making a pit stop until 1 hour and 20 minutes into the race. The fuel window is roughly 1 hour and 45 minutes.
Leaderboard: Pro-Am 175 Top-3: Misfitz, LeMans Karting Fremont, Coast Busters
Pro-Am 200: Batman, LeMans Karting Greenville, Memphis Mafia
Novice 210: LeMans Karting Novice, Freakin Awesome Race Team, Smoke Show

3-Hour Mark:

When the three-hour mark hit, it was a new name at the top of the leaderboard with Team LeMans Karting Fremont leading the pack just over a lap ahead of Team Misfitz. As the lunch time hours neared, the grills fired up as teams continued to cheer on their teammates while enjoying lunch to refuel for their next stint. In addition, cloudy skies began to clear up allowing the sun to come and go causing ever-changing track conditions that teams and drivers battled to keep up with.
Leaderboard: Pro-Am 175 Top-3: LeMans Karting Fremont, Finger Puppet Mafia, Misfitz
Pro-Am 200: LeMans Karting Greenville, Batman, Wheel to Wheel
Novice 210: LeMans Karting Novice, Freaking Awesome Race Team, Smoke Show

6-Hour Mark, Halfway:
At the halfway mark, the racing action seemed to settle down slightly as teams got into a rhythm and shifted their focus to just logging consistent laps with no mistakes. Entering the second half of the race, strategy began to come into play as teams maneuvered their way through their mandatory 15 kart swaps. Teams LeMans Karting Fremont continued to lead the field overall.
Pro-Am 175 Top-3: LeMans Karting Fremont, Finger Puppet Mafia, Tortoise Racing
Pro-Am 200: Batman, Wheel to Wheel, Marauder
Novice 210: Freaking Awesome Race Team, Braking Bad, LeMans Karting Novice

9-Hour Mark:
Although many teams settled into a rhythm for the last few hours, the race certainly didn’t lack competitive, hard racing for position as teams’ patience and energy dwindled. Every second on track and in the pits mattered more than ever as teams raced against the clock and their competition. LeMans Karting Fremont continued to dominate the pack overall and had a little over a lap gap on Team Misfitz in second place. Even with three hours remaining, it was tough to tell which team’s strategy would rise to the top with the majority of teams still needing to make at least three of the mandatory kart swaps. 

Leaderboard: Pro-Am 175 Top-3: LeMans Karting Fremont, Misfitz, Tortoise Racing
Pro-Am 200: Marauder, Wheel to Wheel, Batman
Novice 210: Freakin Awesome Race Team, Braking Bad, LeMans Karting Novice

12-Hour Mark/Checkered Flag:
The last 45 minutes of all Enduro races become interesting as final pit stops begin to shake out. Each team can instantly see if their strategy was a success or a failure within the closing hour. Business picked up on track and in pit lane as drivers fought exhaustion and raced against the clock with minutes diminishing quickly. The most intense place to be may have been in the line waiting for a kart swap. A long line formed as competitors waited for their turn to make a kart swap, especially teams with a strategy that pushed their final stop to the last minute. One of those teams, included the overall leader, Tortoise Racing, who overtook LeMans Karting Fremont during the final hour. However, Tortoise Racing had just one stop remaining with less than 15 minutes on the clock while LeMans had no stops left. Although Tortoise Racing completed one of the fastest pit stops of the day, it was not enough to keep them in the lead, allowing LeMans Karting Fremont to score the overall win with just an 8.002-second margin of victory.  

Proving they had the winning strategy and completing 678 laps, Team LeMans Karting Fremont (Pro-Am 175) proved their continued dominance throughout the entire race to take the victory overall. In the Pro-Am 200 Division, Team Batman went from third to first in the final hour to capture the win. In the Novice 210 Division, Freakin Awesome Race Team proved they were the team to beat throughout the last half of the race to take home the win in their division.

Congrats to all teams for finishing the 12-Hour Enduro; just finishing the race is a huge feat in and of itself!

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