race recap: gopro motorplex Karting Challenge Round 8, August 25

Mooresville, N.C. (August 29,2018) –  With the 2018 Karting Challenge well on its way, GoPro Motorplex hosted Round 8 of their annual race series this past weekend. With 161 entries across the 12 divisions, it was the largest Karting Challenge event that GoPro Motorplex has hosted to date. With the increase in entries GoPro Motorplex is pleased with how fast it has grown and continues to grow and is now host of some of the most competitive kart racing in the nation.

Dusty Davis, Vice President of Operations at GoPro Motoplex said, “It is great to see the numbers increase over the past six years. As one of the fastest growing karting series, we at GoPro Motorplex are excited for the future of this competitive series. It will definitely be a series we continue to see grow and  house some of the best drivers in the country.”

Drivers only have four races left in the 2018 calendar and it is still anyone’s game. Next Karting Challenge is for Rounds nine and ten on September 29 and 30.


Congrats to all Round 8 winners:

Sam Corry, (Briggs LO206 Cadet)

Hayden Jones, (Briggs LO206 Junior)

Phillip Craver, (Briggs LO206 Heavy 390)

Alex Keadle, (Briggs LO206 Senior 365)

Matthew Turner, (IAME Heavy)

Dalton Dow, (IAME Senior)

Brent Crews, (IAME Swift)

Gray Leadbetter, (KA100 Junior)

Luke Wallace, (KA100 Senior)

Jacob Schaible  (Kid Kart)

Miles Murray, (IAME Mini Swift)



IAME Mini Swift Division Sponsored by K&N:

In the IAME Mini Swift final, Spencer Conrad started on the pole. Miles Murray captured the lead on lap two but it soon turned into a battle amongst the two. Murray was able to hold the lead and brought it all the way home for the podium. Spencer Conrad still had a solid third place finish. Ayden Patty was able to move his way up to take home the second place trophy.

Spencer Conrad is leading the series with 1460 points.  


IAME Swift Division Sponsored by IAME USA East:

In the IAME Swift Division, Adam Brickley started on the pole with turn one seeing a lot of commotion. Early on the pack was divided into two where both were competitively battling for positions. Brent Crews took an early lead over Adam Brickley, but Brickley fought hard to hang on to the lead. The two battled for the duration of the race but ultimately Crews was able to bring home the podium. It was a close second from Brickley followed by Danny Dyszelski.   

Alex Delemo III is leading the Championship with 1040 points. Followed by Sam Corry with 1020.

DNF’s included Raiden Nicol and Sam Corry. Ian Spechio was disqualified.

IAME Junior Division Sponsored by Max Papis Inc.:

No registrations.

IAME Senior Division Sponsored by CNC Performance Engineering:

In the IAME Senior final, Ashley Rogero charged out of the gates to hold an early lead. However, Chase Dow was on her coattails and able to catch and pass her on the first lap. Chase Dow had a strong lead until entering  in to turn 1 on the third lap where he ran off the grass in to turn 2 where his brother, Dalton Dow, capitalized on the opportunity to make a few positions and was able to hold the lead for little stint and Chase Dow dropped down to fourth.  Ashley Rogero and Dalton Dow had some of the closest racing of the night. As drivers entered the final lap, there was a clear lead between Dalton Dow scored the win, followed by Ashley Rogero and Matthew Duncovich.

Dalton Dow is currently leading the Championship series with 1390.


IAME Heavy Division Sponsored by Stitch 98:

In the IAME Heavy Division final,  Logan Cozzie paced the field. As the sun set over the horizon, Matt Turner snatched the lead and tried to hold off Cozzie however, on turn four Cozzie took the lead back and the battle continued amongst the two. the lead and the battle between them continued as Todd Shambo was a close third. With three to go Matt Turner took back the lead until Cozzie

It was a nail-biting last lap between Cozzie and Turner who were battling for first and second. On turn four Cozzie clears Turner in but Turner answered back. As the drivers entered turn nine, Cozzie takes the outside for the lead but wasn’t able to answer. Turner takes the checkered home followed by Cozzie and Shambo.

Logan Cozzie is leading the Championship in points with 1530.


Briggs LO206 Cadet Division Sponsored by Kart Carolina:  

Twenty-two competitors took the green flag in the Briggs LO206 Cadet Division final. Pole-sitter Sam Corry, driver of the No. 114 started the race off strong. It quickly turned into a three car battle where Corry was trying to keep Brent Crews off. It didn’t take long for Crews to pass when Bree Miller joined the fight. With a few laps to go, Bree Miller took the lead  quickly took the lead passing pole-sitter Sam Corry just a few laps in.  It was a hard-fought battle between the top three drivers but Sam Corry took home the trophy followed by Ben Maier and Spencer Conrad.

James Overbeck leads the Championship series with 1080 points.


Briggs LO206 Junior Division Sponsored by MG Tires:

In the Briggs LO206 Junior division, Haydon Jones started on the pole but dropped back to third on the first lap where Alexander Searle and Ian Habiuk jumped ahead. Searle and Jones pulled away from the pack early on. It was a steady race for the front leaders until Jones overtook Searle on lap six in turn four. It was a short-lived excitement when Searle passed Jones on a turn four but that quickly ended when Jones was able to take his position back on turn six and held him until for the win. Searle and Yonchuck round out the podium. P1 and P2 had a 19 second lead over the P3. Cam Burris got a two position penalty on the ninth lap for avoidable contact with Ian Habuik in turn 11.  

Ian Habiuk is currently leading the Championship with 1135 points.

Briggs LO206 Senior Division Sponsored by Franklin Signs & Graphics:

In the Briggs LO206 Senior division, Zachary Linsell started on the pole. It was a quick start with a lot of commotion for the 16-kart field. On the first lap in turn four, a few drivers went off track going on the other side of the barrier. After the caution,  Zachary Linsell, Todd Baron and Alex Keadle ran off in the top three. On lap five, Keadle was able to jump from third to first where they continued to battle for the twelve lap final. Keadle took the win followed by Baron and Lisell.

Alex Keadle is currently leading the Championship series with 1310.

Briggs LO206 Heavy Division Sponsored by Race City Locksmiths:

In the Briggs Heavy Division, 17 drivers took the field. Phillip Craver lead the pack hard into turn one, holding the lead strong until the third lap where Doug Rink maneuvered his way to the front. A pack of three pulled away early on, with Phillip Craver close behind Doug Rink. Doug Rink gave up two positions on turn four with five laps to go where both Phillip Craver and Dwayne Craver were able to make an inside pass on the leader.  Drivers held their positions with Phillip Craver taking the checkered flag. Dwayne Craver finished second and Doug Rink finished third.

Tim Skinner currently leads the Championship series with 820 points. Skinner finished fourth on Saturday nights race.

IAME KA100 Junior Division Sponsored by KartSport North America:

In the IAME KA100 Junior Division final which consisted of 22 competitors, Gray Leadbetter had some amazing racing and led the race from start to finish. Caleb Bacon and Brooke Nachtmann duked it out in the beginning until contact between the two occurred half way through the race which resulted in Zilisch jumping up to second place. On the final lap in turn 11 Caleb Bacon causes a huge crash in turn 11 taking out a few front runners. Gray Leadbetter got another win, followed by Brooke Nachtmann and Jacob Graham.

Caleb Bacon was penalized for reckless driving throughout the race resulting in a last place finish.  

Jacob Graham is leading the Championship with 1215 points.


IAME KA100 Senior Division Sponsored by Sunoco Race Fuels:

In the KA100 Senior Division, Emory Lyda led the 13-kart field but it wasn’t a race about who started it. Blake Hunt was the guy to watch for the night. Blake Hunt who had to start from the back of the pack due to a transponder issue earlier in the night resulted in a penalty. Hunt has impressive driving all night and with five laps to go Hunt moved up to second place right behind Wallace. With four laps to go Wallace and Hunt had a strong battle, it wasn’t until turn four on the last lap that Wallace was able to hold the lead and take the podium. Second place went to Blake Hunt followed by Nick Losito. 

Black Hunt leads the Championship series with 1380 points.

Kid Kart Division:

In eight lap Kid Kart Division final, nine drivers took the field. Jacob Schaible, driver of the 221 started the field on the pole and continued to carry that moment through the entire race taking home the checkered flag.. Driver of the No. 243, Beckham Lewis finished second while driver of the No. 219, David Newell finished third.

Driver of the No. 7 car, Paludo, wrecked on lap five in the final following a disqualification for tire issues in qualifying resulting in him starting at the back of the pack.

Bradi Beegle currently leads the Championship with 870 points.


Race Results: CLICK HERE>> 


Race Coverage: 
To watch the recording of today’s Karting Challenge Round 8 YouTube Live Stream, CLICK HERE>>


Up next is Round 9 & 10 of the GoPro Motorplex Karting Challenge on September 29 & 30. For more information on the Karting Challenge club series, CLICK HERE>>



About GoPro Motorplex:

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