Race Recap: GoPro Motorplex Karting Challenge Round 6, June 10

After just one weekend off, the GoPro Motorplex Karting Challenge was back in action on Saturday for Round 6 and the halfway round in the 12-Round Championship series. The race day went into the evening with 115 competitors across 10 divisions racing their final race under GoPro Motorplex’s state-of-the-art MUSCO lighting system.  

Congrats to all Round 6 winners: Brent Crews (Briggs LO206 Cadet), Jadyn Daniels (Briggs LO206 Junior), Billy Duff (Briggs LO206 Senior), Taylor Stanford (IAME KA100 Junior), Brandon Jarsocrak (IAME KA100 Senior), Danny Dyszelski (IAME Mini Swift), William Robusto (IAME Swift), Luca Mars (IAME Junior), Ashley Rogero (IAME Senior), Todd Shambo (IAME Heavy).

IAME Swift Division:
In the IAME Swift Division final event, Brent Crews and William Robusto’s bumpers were locked together as the frontrunners over the 11-kart field. With no drafting help and a large gap back from the leaders, it left Wettengel a lone ranger in third. Just past halfway, Crews and Robusto continued to run nose-to-tail. However, Robusto decided to make his move for the lead, overtaking Crews in Turn Four with three laps to go. On the white-flag lap, Crews answered back to take control of the lead once again entering Turn One. However, with a last-lap, last-corner pass, Robusto pulled a rabbit out of the hat to maneuver past Crews for the win. Crews settled for second and Wettengel in third. 

IAME Heavy Division Sponsored by Stitch 98:
In the IAME Heavy Division 14-lap final, it was an all-out battle by lap one between Nick Tucker and Todd Shambo. After the opening laps shook out, Shambo settled comfortably into the lead with Tucker a half-second back in second position. Shambo was in full-strut, easily scoring the victory, followed by Tucker in second and Michael Keats in third.


IAME Junior Division:
In the IAME Junior Division 14-lap final, Luca Mars and Gray Leadbetter led the way. However, chasing from third, Isabella Robusto was running the fastest laps of the race. Just following halfway, the intensity picked up as Leadbetter rose to the occasion to steal away the top position from Mars with a pass entering Turn One. Leadbetter’s lead was short-lived. Mars took back control of the race entering Turn Eight with just three laps remaining. Mars not only took the lead, but also used his momentum to put space between himself and second place of Leadbetter. Mars went unchallenged during the final lap to score the win in just his third career start in the division. Leadbetter held back Robusto to finish second. Robusto rounded out the podium in third.  

Briggs LO206 Senior Division Sponsored by Todd Shockman RV Sales
A long train of 23 entries took the green flag for the Briggs LO206 Senior division’s 13-lap final. Right off the start, it was a four-kart breakaway with Billy Duff as the leader. After just four laps, the race already featured a new leader, JT Swygert. As laps dwindled, Swygert and Duff broke away from the field, creating a two-kart race for the win. Duff was able to best Swygert in a last-lap pass in Turn Eight. Duff scored his first win of the season, followed by Swygert in second and Dan Koehler in third. 

IAME Senior Division Sponsored by CNC Performance Engineering:
A total of 17 drivers took the green for the IAME Senior 17-lap final. Blake Hunt streaked out to the early lead, trailed by Dalton Dow and Ashley Rogero. Finally, after three laps, Rogero was tired of waiting and overtook Dow entering Turn One to take control of second position. Rogero certainly had her work cut out for her as Hunt had worked to put nearly a second gap back to Rogero. Hunt continued to run fast lap after fast lap, lengthening his gap back to his closest competition. In a heart breaker, Hunt suffered a mechanical failure with just three laps remaining, giving the lead and win to Rogero. Dalton Dow earned second and Nick Johnston finished in third.

IAME KA100 Junior Division:
In the KA100 Junior Division 13-lap final, Taylor Stanford was already looking to check out on the field by lap one. However, Stanford never really got his wish as Donald Whorton II and Talan Drake never allowed Stanford out of their sights. With six laps to go, Drake overtook Whorton for second position and got close enough to Stanford’s bumper to taste a win. With two laps to go, the fight for the lead and win between Stanford and Drake was far from over. Contact between the leaders allowed Stanford to score the win, leaving Drake spinning into the grass in Turn Eight on the final lap. Whorton improved to second and Pauly Massimino earned third.

IAME KA100 Senior Division:
In the KA100 Senior Division, the sun was officially setting as the lights came on to brighten the way for the 10-kart field. The top-three drivers of Brandon Jarsocrak, Ashley Rogero and Emory Lyda quickly broke away from the field to create a three-kart battle for the lead. Jarsocrak appeared to be the dominant driver throughout the first-half of the race. However, Rogero made her move into the lead in Turn Four, sending Jarsocrak to second. In the very next lap, Jarsocrak made a near identical move back on Rogero in Turn Four to take the lead. Jarsocrak defended throughout the final lap to score the win. Rogero and Lyda rounded out the podium.

IAME Mini Swift Division:
In the IAME Mini Swift 11-lap final, it didn’t take long for Danny Dyszelski to work his way to the point on the field. However, just following halfway, Sofia D’arrigo stole away the lead from Dyszelski with a full-head of steam and a power-move into Turn One. D’arrigo continued her momentum and looked to set sail, improving her lead to nearly a second gap back to second place of Dyszelski. However, in a last-lap effort, Dyszelski gave it his all to not only run down D’arrigo, but also had just enough time to make his pass for the win on the final lap in the final corner. In a nearly three-wide, drag race to the line, Dyzselski squeaked out the win by just 0.007 seconds over Adam Brickley in second and D’arrigo falling to third place.

Briggs LO206 Junior Division:
In the Briggs LO206 Junior division, Jadyn Daniels continued her dominating season, notching her sixth win of the year. Jon Seiler and Mason Johnson rounded out the podium.

Briggs LO206 Cadet Division Sponsored by Kart Carolina:
In the Briggs LO206 Cadet Division final, the 13-kart field took the green with a great battle for the lead quickly developing between Bree Miller, Danny Dyszelski, Hunter Yeany and Brent Crews. Crews was on a charge, setting his sights first on Yeany and then on Dyszelski, overtaking both drivers to improve Crews to second. However, Miller was also on an impressive drive, breaking away in the lead to earn herself a half-second gap back to Crews. As halfway was signaled to drivers, Crews closed onto Miller’s bumper and made his pass for the top spot entering Turn One. Following Crews’ lead, Dyszelski passed up Miller for second, dropping Miller to third. With two laps to go, the tables turned with Dyszelski taking the lead away from Crews and Miller followed to second. In an all-out, white-flag lap, the top-three drivers were nose-to-tail. Crews stole the win with a perfect pass entering Turn Eight. Miller settled for second and Carter Beegle finished in third.

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