Race Recap: GoPro Motorplex Karting Challenge Round 4, May 25

MOORESVILLE, N.C. (May 25, 2018) – Friday night’s Round 4 of the GoPro Motorplex Karting Challenge kicked off the series’ Memorial Day weekend double-header event. Excited by a unique opportunity to race under the lights and the chance to race twice in a single weekend, 138 karters entered Round 4 of the 12-Round club championship series.

Congrats to all Round 4 winners: Bree Miller (Briggs LO206 Cadet), Alexander Searle (Briggs LO206 Junior), Alex Keadle (Briggs LO206 Senior), Doug Rink (Briggs LO206 Heavy), Connor Zilisch (IAME KA100 Junior), Emory Lyda (IAME KA100 Senior), Ayden Patty (IAME Mini Swift), Brent Crews (IAME Swift), Gray Leadbetter (IAME Junior), Dalton Dow (IAME Senior), Logan Cozzie (IAME Heavy).

IAME Mini Swift Division Sponsored by K&N:
In the IAME Mini Swift final, Ayden Patty looked to be the driver to beat, but he had Spencer Conrad hot on his heels to prove otherwise. With six laps to go, Conrad made his point, overtaking Patty for the lead. However, Conrad’s lead was short-lived as Patty answered back the very next lap to regain control of the top spot. Patty went on to score the win, followed by Conrad and James Newell.

IAME Swift Division Sponsored by IAME USA East:
In the IAME Swift Division, Alex Delemo took advantage of some opening lap carnage in Turn Three to easily take control of the lead after starting fourth. Delemo went unchallenged until five laps into the race when Brent Crews and Gavan Boschele teamed up to overtake Delemo. With two laps to go, Boschele led the way with Crews all over his bumper and even Eli Trull was thrown into the mix. On the final lap, Boschele, Crews and Trull battled hard into Turn Eight, but it was Crews who came out on top when Boschele and Trull lost their momentum in the fight. Crews scored the win, followed by Sebastian Ng and Trull. 

IAME Junior Division Sponsored by Max Papis Inc.:
In the IAME Junior Division final, Hayden Jones and Gray Leadbetter ran nose-to-tail, battling for the top spot. Jones ran out front while Leadbetter stayed locked to his bumper in second. Leadbetter was certainly doing everything she could to get inside Jones’ mind, tracing his every move. On the final lap, Jones was flawless even under heavy pressure. However, in the final corner, Leadbetter made her move to the inside of Jones for the win. Leadbetter crossed the line first, followed by Jones and Sutter Gabel.

IAME Senior Division Sponsored by CNC Performance Engineering:
In the IAME Senior final, Ashley Rogero put on a clinic, accumulating over a second lead over Dalton Dow in second place by three laps in to the race. However, Dow clocked off the fastest laps of the race to chase her down with seven laps to go. Dow overtook Rogero in Turn Four for the lead, but just a lap later, Rogero regained control. In an exciting final lap, Dow made an impressive pass on Rogero entering Turn 9, slamming the door shut for any last attempt Rogero could make in the final few corners. Dalton Dow scored the win, followed by Rogero and Chase Dow.

IAME Heavy Division Sponsored by Stitch 98:
In the IAME Heavy Division final, Todd Shambo and Logan Cozzie swapped for lead during the opening two laps. By halfway, Cozzie had just under a second lead over Shambo. Cozzie went on to score the win, followed by Shambo and Matthew Turner.

Briggs LO206 Cadet Division Sponsored by Kart Carolina:
In the Briggs LO206 Cadet Division final, the 16-kart field of drivers took the green with Sebastian Ng and Bree Miller side-by-side battling for the lead during the opening lap. Ng took control of the top spot by lap two with a move that left Miller out to dry, shuffling her back in the field and allowing Brent Crews to grasp second. Crews was knocking on Ng’s bumper, letting him know he didn’t plan to settle for second. Crews did just that, overtaking Ng for the lead with seven laps to go. Through heavy pressure from Ng, Crews his lead. However, on the final turn Crews ran the corner wide, as did Ng, allowing Bree Miller to execute a perfect pass to the inside of them both. With an all-out drag race to the line, Miller scored the victory after her third-to-first pass in the final corner. Crews earned second while Ng came home third.


Briggs LO206 Junior Division Sponsored by MG Tires:
In the Briggs LO206 Junior division, Alexander Searle worked to establish a huge lead over Connor Yonchuk in second. Searle never looked back to score the win by over eight seconds on second place of Yonchuk. Cam Burris rounded out the podium in third.

Briggs LO206 Senior Division Sponsored by Franklin Signs & Graphics:
In the Briggs LO206 Senior division, Alex Keadle led the field of 19 drivers to green. Keadle continued to control the top spot, but Zachary Linsell wasn’t going down without a fight. Linsell locked onto Keadle’s bumper with two laps to go. In a last-ditch effort, Linsell looked to Keadle’s inside exiting Turn 9. Linsell cut it too close, ramping the curbing and nearly spinning. This allowed Keadle to easily stroll on to score the win, followed by Linsell and Billy Duff. 

Briggs LO206 Heavy Division Sponsored by Race City Locksmiths:
In the first outing for the newly-created Briggs LO206 Heavy Division, Doug Rink and Tim Skinner checked out on the field to settle the race amongst themselves. Rink protected his lead from Skinner’s last-lap attempts, giving Rink the win, followed by Skinner and Baron.

IAME KA100 Junior Division Sponsored by KartSport North America:
In the KA100 Junior Division final, the four-kart pack of drivers formed by Jacob Graham, Connor Zilisch, Caleb Bacon and Donald Whorton II broke away from the rest of the field. As halfway was shown to the drivers, one of the best races of the night was unfolding as a now seven-kart pack of karts were nose-to-tail battling for the top seven spots. Graham and Zilisch swapped for the lead while the other drivers remained in line. Coming to the white flag, they were two-wide at the line. Zilisch won an all-out battle to the checkered flag. Graham came up just short by 0.166 seconds to finish second, followed by Bacon.


IAME KA100 Senior Division Sponsored by Sunoco Race Fuels:
In the KA100 Senior Division, the 17-kart field took the green flag with Daniel Tate on the point. After just three laps, Tate was beginning to pull away from Blake Hunt and Emory Lyda. However, Hunt had bigger problems than running down Tate’s lead as Lyda made a power move entering Turn One to secure second. Lyda wasn’t done there as he diminished Tate’s lead and was within striking distance after just two laps. Lyda made the pass for the lead, bringing Hunt with him to second and dropping Tate to third. With a late-race charge, Tate worked his way back to the lead while Hunt and Lyda battled for second. However, in the closing laps, Lyda fought back with a pass for the lead in Turn Four. On the final lap, the race was far from over, with Lyda under heavy fire from both Tate and Hunt. Lyda proved he was the driver with the most fight, earning the win, followed by Hunt and Tate.

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