Race Recap: GoPro Motorplex Karting Challenge Round 2, March 18

Rain and wet track conditions may have dampened the track for practice and most of qualifying, but it certainly didn’t dampen the spirits of the 132 competitors entered for Round 2 of the GoPro Motorplex Karting Challenge Saturday. As qualifying wrapped up and the rain ended, the track conditions improved for a dry and perfect day of karting for pre-finals and final racing action. Round Two continued GoPro Motorplex’s 12-Round club championship series.

Congrats to all Round 2 winners: Aiden Baker Crouse (Briggs LO206 Cadet), Jadyn Daniels (Briggs LO206 Junior), Alex Keadle (Briggs LO206 Senior), Talan Drake (IAME KA100 Junior), Dusty Davis (IAME KA100 Senior), Adam Brickley (IAME Mini Swift), Brent Crews (IAME Swift), Gray Leadbetter (IAME Junior), Brandon Jarsocrak (IAME Senior), Todd Shambo (IAME Heavy).

IAME Swift Division:
A total of 18 young drivers took the green flag in the IAME Swift Division final event. As the green flag flew, Aiden Baker Crouse shot out to the early lead over Tyler Wettengel in a close second. The two ran tandem together for the first half of the race. However, by halfway, Brent Crews had chased them both down in the third position. With Crews on his bumper and seven laps to go, Wettengel knew it was go-time, passing Crouse for the lead in Turn Four. Crews followed suit, passing Crouse for the second position with five laps to go. Crews continued his charge by passing Wettengel entering Turn One for the lead. With two laps remaining, Crews continued to lead, while Crouse improved to second after overtaking Wettengel. Crews ran away with the win, followed by Crouse in second and Wettengel in third.

IAME Heavy Division:
In the IAME Heavy Division 14-lap final, Todd Shambo put on a clinic, dominating from flag-to-flag to score the win. Rounding out the podium in second and third were Steve Frank and Luke Stroud, respectively. 

IAME Junior Division:
In the IAME Junior Division 14-lap final, 12 drivers took the green flag with Gray Leadbetter leading the way. However, it wasn’t long before Tahlon Yockel overtook Leadbetter for the top spot. Leadbetter gave up the lead, but certainly not the race as she locked onto Yockel’s bumper, trailing his every move each lap from the second position. The two drivers broke away from the field, creating a two-kart battle for the win. Leadbetter maneuvered around Yockel for the lead with three laps remaining. Leadbetter put up a steel curtain for the last two laps to drive away with the victory; making her two-for-two on wins this season. Yockel finished in second, but was disqualified in post-race tech inspection, giving Drew Lindley second place and Cade Downes third.  

Briggs LO206 Senior Division:
After the track had completely dried, a brief stint of heavy rain drops began to fall just as the 19-kart Briggs LO206 Senior field took the green flag. Drivers felt their way carefully around the slightly damp course as the rain tapered off just before the halfway mark. Dan Koehler, who had been the fastest driver all day in both wet and dry track conditions paced the field from the top spot. However, on the final lap, Alex Keadle overtook Koehler’s dominating performance with a pass in Turn Four. Keadle scored the win, followed by Koehler in second and Billy Duff in third. 

IAME Senior Division:
A total of 21 drivers took the green for the IAME Senior 17-lap final. Ashley Rogero charged out to the early lead, but was quickly passed by dominant driver, Brandon Jarsocrak. Jarsocrak had already won both the pole in qualifying and the pre-final. By halfway, Jarsocrak consistently logged the fastest laps of the race to improve his lead by just under a second. However, charging through the field behind him was Lance Fenderson who made quick work of Rogero for the second position, dropping Rogero to third. With two laps remaining, Fenderson was on a mission, trimming Jarsocrak’s lead down to just fractions of a second. Jarsocrak held on to score the win, while Fenderson settled for second and Rogero finished in third.  

IAME Mini Swift Division:
In the IAME Mini Swift 11-lap final, Sofia D’Arrigo lead the opening laps, but by halfway she was overtaken by young Adam Brickley. D’Arrigo didn’t let Brickley out of her sights, though, locking onto his bumper. With two laps to go, Brickley had improved to a comfortable two-second lead over D’Arrigo. Brickley strolled away with the victory, followed by D’Arrigo in second and Bryce Sanders in third. 

Briggs LO206 Junior Division:
In the Briggs LO206 Junior division, Jadyn Daniels scored the win over Brandon Watkins.

Briggs LO206 Cadet Division:
In the Briggs LO206 Cadet Division 11-lap final, a three-kart train formed by Aiden Baker Crouse, Brent Crews and Hunter Yeany paced the rest of the 17-kart field. With two laps to go, the three drivers were still bumper-to-bumper with Crouse on the point. On the final lap, Crews took the lead briefly entering Turn One, but a tangle with lap traffic gave Crouse the lead back. Crouse scored the win, followed by Yeany in second and Crews in third.  

IAME KA100 Junior Division:
In the KA100 Junior Division 13-lap final, it was Talan Drake who was on a hot-streak after winning the pole in qualifying and the pre-final. Drake was back out front in the final. Drake went uncontested to score the win, followed by Taylor Maas in second and Emil Schulz in third.

IAME KA100 Senior Division:
In the KA100 Senior Division, Ashley Rogero went to the point at the drop of the green. Rogero wasn’t alone though with Daniel Tate locked right on her bumper. After just three laps, Tate made his move around Rogero in Turn Eight for the lead. Further back in third, Dusty Davis was clocking the fastest laps of the race. Davis tracked down Rogero and took second, setting his sights immediately on Tate for the lead. By halfway, the field had created a five-kart battle for the win with all karts nose-to-tail. With five laps to go, Davis pressed ‘go’, passing for second in Turn One and took the lead in Turn Four. Davis held on to score the win, followed by Rogero in third and Josh Hotz in third.

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