Our Gift to You: 11 Corners of Christmas!

On the first day of Christmas my favorite kart track gave to me…driving tips to help me go faster at GoPro Motorplex!

This year, we want to give the gift of speed to our customers. We get the question, “How can I go faster?” a lot throughout the year. 

Although we offer incredibly beneficial driver training within our Rental Kart “Speed Schools,” we thought it would be a nice gift to offer our customers pro driving tips for FREE! 

For the next 11 days, starting tomorrow, Dec. 14, we will post a driving tip per day to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. Each day’s tip will feature one of the 11 different corners that form our circuit. 

All 11 driving tips are written below. However, exclusive GoPro video demonstration of each tip can only be found by following us on social media: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

We wish all of our customers a safe and happy holiday season!

11 Corners of Christmas Driving Tips:
Turn 1, Tip 1: Keep the kart rolling. Do NOT let it slide.
Turn 2, Tip 2: Get the kart as straight as possible at the apex.
Turn 3, Tip 3: Use full throttle with a smooth arc and stay off the rumble strips.
Turn 4, Tip 4: Carry a lot of entry speed, but don’t slide.
Turn 5, Tip 5: This corner is all about getting setup for Turn 6. Enter wide. Exit straight.
Turn 6, Tip 6: Get your kart to the right, parallel with curb. Use brake then let it roll before turning into corner.
Turn 7, Tip 7: Focus on having a smooth arc and don’t scrub speed.
Turn 8, Tip 8: Choose a braking point, brake in a straight line and rotate the kart. Make sure your kart is straight on exit.
Turn 9, Tip 9: This corner is all about the entry. Don’t turn in too early.
Turn 10, Tip 10: Work to get properly set up for Turn 11. Kart position should be mid-track.
Turn 11, Tip 11: Keep kart parallel with curb. Brake, then let it roll before turning in. Exit speed, exit speed!