How to Plan the Perfect Office Holiday Party
It’s that time of year again! All HR executives, department managers, business owners and CEOs are scrambling to plan and schedule their company holiday party and let’s face it: 
Planning an office holiday party is easier said than done. 
Your holiday party has several big jobs. It should not only be an opportunity for your employees to come together to celebrate the holidays, but it should also be an opportunity for you to reward your team for a year’s worth of hard work. It should be an opportunity to actively remind your employees how great your company culture is and to encourage them to want to stay at your business another year. It should also motivate them to want to work harder and be more engaged in the New Year. 
With so much on the line, it’s important that your corporate holiday party will blow your team out of the water. Find out how to plan an office holiday party that will leave all your employees thrilled!
Selecting the Perfect Venue & Entertainment:
Sure, you could take the team out and wine and dine them. Or perhaps you take them to a local sports game with tickets and a couple brews on the company. Or maybe you even host the party at the office (there’s no better way to reward your employees than invite them back to the office, am I right?). 
But why not plan an activity at a venue that would blow your employees’ minds because they’d never think of it themselves? Why not plan a holiday party that is so extraordinary (yet affordable) that they wouldn’t be able to help but think, “Man, I work at an awesome company!”? 
Why not plan your holiday office party at GoPro Motorplex, located right outside of Charlotte!
Charlotte’s Hidden Gem for Corporate Outings: GoPro Motorplex
GoPro Motorplex combines one-of-a-kind entertainment with the opportunity to host a full-fledged corporate outing. With rental karts reaching speeds up to 55 mph, your team will be able to experience an adrenaline rush like no other! And with GoPro cameras attached to the helmets, you can all relive the experience together again and again for office laughs!
With three different race formats held on the 0.7-mile, 11-turn world-class track, GoPro Motorplex can help you plan an annual highlight no one will soon forget while helping you reach your goals of team building and friendly competition.
After racing, your holiday party will continue in GoPro Motorplex’s indoor 2,400 square foot hospitality room, which overlooks the race track. 
The hospitality room is fully equipped with audio and visual capabilities and a ceiling mounted projector with a 125” screen, allowing it to handle any awards, raffles or other activities you are planning to present. The room can also be designed to fit the needs of your party, whether that is banquet style or an open space with limited furniture. 
To top things off, food and beverage catering can be planned by GoPro Motorplex, so you don’t have to deal with any outside vendors.
Schedule an Office Holiday Party that WOWS!
Ready to schedule a company holiday party that no one will soon forget? Then it’s time to get in touch with GoPro Motorplex!
Call 704-696-2926 to speak to a corporate events representative or fill-out the form on the website to be contacted with additional information. It’s time to celebrate a great year of business and to accelerate into the New Year! Reach out to GoPro Motorplex today!