5 Reasons to Plan Your Next Company Outing at GoPro Motorplex

Let’s face it. Company outings are not the easiest events to plan. Offices are melting pots of different personalities, and finding an activity that interests everyone is easier said than done. The result is typically taking the team to a ball game where people leave early, or taking everyone out for a dinner where the team does not really interact together. 
BUT, what if you could plan a company outing where everyone is able to interact and have fun together while doing something unique, and you could also relax afterwards with food and beverages in your own private space?
Well, here are five reasons why you should plan your next company outing at GoPro Motorplex, located just outside Charlotte, NC!  
1. GoPro Motorplex is Truly a One-of-a-Kind Experience
Unless a member of your team has visited GoPro Motorplex before, we can confidently say your group has never experienced anything like this before!
As the only outdoor karting venue in North Carolina, GoPro Motorplex is centered around a 0.7-mile, 11-turn world-class race track located in Mooresville, NC. Racing at GoPro Motorplex offers an adrenaline rush like no other with karts reaching speeds up to 55 mph, featuring cutting-edge technology to offer both a fast and safe racing experience.
2. Build Stronger Teams on the Track to Take Back to the Office
GoPro Motorplex offers three different race formats, which are catered to cultivate different corporate goals. The “Enduro Team Race” is a great way to create team building on the track that can be brought back to the office. 
The Enduro Team Race allows for a 30-minute practice/qualifying round per team, followed by a 60-minute race with driver changes. Your employees will be able to align as a team, develop leadership skills and better communication while working toward an end goal…winning!
3. Welcome Friendly Competition 
If you are looking for a corporate outing that promotes even more friendly competition, the “Sprint” or the “Grand Prix” formats might be a better fit. Both of these options allow the members of your team to all race against each other on the track at once (this is a better fit for smaller groups). 
The Sprint offers a 12-minute practice/qualifying round, followed by a 12-minute race.
The Grand Prix offers a 12-minute practice round, a 12-minute qualifying round and a 12-minute race.
4. Get out of the BOREDroom: Eat, meet and race all in the same place
A great feature about planning your next corporate outing at GoPro Motorplex is that your event does not need to be over once the racing ends. GoPro Motorplex boasts a 2,400 square foot event room that can be customized for business presentations, banquets or formal dining.  The hospitality space is also equipped with full audio and visual capabilities and includes a ceiling-mounted projector with a 125” screen. 
Whether you want to hand out company awards, host a cocktail hour or enjoy a team dinner, your corporate outing can all be hosted on-site. There is no need to move facilities.
Also, the indoor hospitality room overlooks the track so your team will not forget that they are at GoPro Motorplex!
5. Make the Experience All-Inclusive
Last, but certainly not least, GoPro Motorplex allows you to make your corporate event all-inclusive! 
Food and beverage catering can be handled on-site, customized trophies can be created and custom kart decals and victory lane signage can also be printed, allowing you to brand your corporate experience.
Plan Your Next Corporate Outing at GoPro Motorplex Today!
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